1983 Audi Turbo quattro Coupe

Price: $24,979

Features Overview

    This is the one most famous Audi Turbo Coupe Quattro's. Only 640 imported into the United States. When new it was only $37000 in 1983! The urq, is also known as the original quattro! I have just rebuilt the engine with new Mahle pistons and remanufactured head from Audi, along with a rebuilt turbocharger. European headlights are brand new. I have owned this one for 16 years and I have upgraded the chassis, engine and suspension. The wheels are for my winter snows. I also have summer tires with BBS wheels from 1991 200tq.Call me if you are interested. I have some of the stock urq parts that will be sold with the urq. www.champagnemotors.com, like us on Facebook!

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