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Low Mileage Audi’s

Having dealt with the Audi product for over 31 years, customers demand low mileage Audi’s which they say will last longer than the higher mileage Audi’s. I tend to agree, but think about this… Normally Audi puts a 4 year 50,000 mile warranty on the car when it is brand new. Most Audi service issues come up around 75,000 miles which includes a timing belt and tune up worth “about $1200-$2000″. Most “low mileage buyers” are not aware of this issue at the time of purchase. Let us say you purchase the Audi with low miles that has not been through the normal warranty and you come to find out there are still problems with it. Why? Because the car hasn’t been driven 50,000 miles or more.

My preference is to purchase the car after the 60,000 mile service has been done and the Audi has about 70,000-80,000 miles on it. Most of the normal Audi issues are taken care of by the warranty, and the customer who previously owned the car has taken care of the 60,000 mile service (hopefully or maybe not) Caveat Emptor!

When you purchase a used Audi that is 4-6 years old, you can normally purchase it for about $.30 to $.50 on the dollar. What an opportunity to own such an awesome car! The quattro is 30 years old and has been copied by every manufacturer to date! Check it out on the web!

1 .8 Turbo Engines

If you have replaced your oil pump because of oil sludge Audi will reimburse you for that expense; with your service records. We had a problem with a broken camshaft yesterday on a 1.8 turbo engine and I found out that Audi is extending the warranty on these oil pump engines for 8 years, unlimited mileage, from the date of purchase. Please call the Audi dealership for more details.

Audi Service Actions

1. Audi has sent letters to customers for the 1998-2000 A6 vehicles – They are checking the Front Suspension Lower Control Arms. The control arms will be replaced free of charge if one or both are found to be worn.

2. 1998-2004 A6/S6, 2003 RS6 and 2001-2004 Allroad quattro Vehicles. Install Plastic cover on Driver’s side support on Cross member and Apply Felt to left cross member end.

3. If you have had to replace your oil pump because of a sludge problem, Audi has agreed to reimburse you for the repair.

4. Ignition Coil Recall on certain Audi’s. Call the dealer with your VIN number to see if there is an open campaign for your vehicle. Contact Audi for information about all the above conditions.

Audi of America 1-800-822-2834

The Audi Feel

Many people feel they maintain their car very well with oil changes and other maintenance. However, you should know to use an Audi oil filter or comparable filter like a Mann or a Mahle. When the car is started cold, these Audi oil filters offer oil protection for the cam shafts that are on the top of the engine. Many shops and other similar oil change places use oil filters like Fram that take 10 to 20 seconds for the oil to reach the camshafts. Until the oil reaches the camshafts there is no lubrication. Multiply this by 100, 200, 1000 cold starts and you can guess what will happen.

Another issue is the parts that most shops use. If you enjoy how your Audi drives then please use parts that are designed for your car, namely German replacement parts. Most of these parts are original Audi parts with a different name. Do not use American parts for your German car.


Audi makes pink antifreeze (coolant) that should not be mixed together with any other coolant. If both are mixed your coolant system will turn to jello and may cause many problems. An immediate flush is needed otherwise your heater core may clog up and stop heating.

Squeaking Suspension

“My Audi squeaks in the front when I go over bumps or turn corners. What’s the matter?”
Hopefully this explanation should help. Your suspension is designed from an Audi race car. This highly tuned suspension uses multi-links that connect the wheels to the body. These aluminum arms have joints with grease. When the joint gets weak or the boot sags, the grease leaks out and that’s when the squeak starts.

Sometimes it starts with the tie rod ends which control the steering on your car. When the joint becomes loose, they sometimes start to squeak too. If you would like us to verify that your suspension is okay, stop in and we will look at it to make sure it is safe.


Our recommendation for gasoline in the front range is Shell or Conoco 91 octane which contain detergents. Shell and Conoco gasoline makes the Audi start, perform, and maintain better fuel economy than the other leading brands. It may cost you $3 to $5 more per fill up to put Shell or Conoco 91 octane in your tank, but it is well worth it. Please try a tank and see if you can tell the difference yourself!

Recently, two customers ran only Bradley/Sinclair gas and unfortunately lost their fuel pumps because of the bad gas; one had 72,000 miles and the other 84,000.

Fuel Injection Cleaner

We strongly recommend that you use Autobahn fuel injection cleaner monthly. Your car’s fuel injection needs to be cleaned just like washing your exterior. You Audi will run and drive so much better and for $5.00 a month how could you go wrong? You will be surprised how well it works!

Audi Performance Computer Chips

A lot of our customers ask about Computer Chip tuning their turbo Audi.

Here is a brief overview of tuning:

Computer chips will make your engine run more smooth, with more power, and better fuel economy. Many tuners boast that they can give you lots of horsepower and torque with their computer chips. I would tend to agree… maybe at sea level, but think about this…

We live 5,280 feet above sea level! Have you noticed that you may have a hard time breathing here as compared to sea level? What about driving over some of the 12,000 feet passes. Hmmm, what about your Audi’s breathing?

Most tuners only think about lower elevations and therefore, never understand what high altitude does to your turbo if you use the wrong chip. With more boost pressure at sea level and the thick air the turbo(s) spin up properly. At the high altitude the turbo(s) has to turn faster because of the thiner air to deliver more boost; therefore with the sea level chips you get serious over-boost and a broken turbo.

Many turbo’s at this altitude fall apart because of the boost pressure that the lower elevation computer chips deliver. The Audi computer will not adjust unless the MTM chip tells it to. All Audi computer chip tuners live at lower elevations and have no idea or care what high altitude does to your turbo. Our Computer Chip market is very small. MTM is the only computer chip tuner that has tuned at this altitude for your turbo Audi’s. Their audience is worldwide. If you decide to purchase one of the other computer chips that are available, make sure you ask if their computer chip is high altitude compatible. Then you can make your own decision..



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